Elena Zhukova:New companion of Rupert Murdoch in next journey

Rupert Murdoch, the 92-year-old media mogul, marry for the fifth time, to Elena Zhukova, a 67-year-old retired molecular biologist. Their wedding is  held at Murdoch’s California vineyard and estate, Moraga​.

Rupert Murdoch married Elena Zhukova at his vineyard estate in Bel Air, Los  Angeles

Elena Zhukova’s Background

Elena Zhukova was born in Russia and is a retired molecular biologist with a distinguished academic career. She left the Soviet Union in 1990 and moved to Houston, Texas, to work at the Baylor College of Medicine. Later, she moved to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she focused on diabetes research and eventually became a professor of biology. Zhukova has several peer-reviewed scientific articles to her name, highlighting her dedication and expertise in her field​ .

Zhukova was previously married to Alexander Zhukov, a billionaire energy investor. They have one daughter, Dasha Zhukova, who is an art collector and philanthropist. Elena and Alexander divorced when Dasha was three years old. Dasha later married Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch and former owner of Chelsea FC, with whom she has two children. After divorcing Abramovich in 2018, Dasha married Stavros Niarchos II, grandson of the Greek shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos​ .

Rupert Murdoch’s Marital and Business Life

Rupert Murdoch’s marital history is as complex as his business empire. He first married Patricia Booker, an Australian flight attendant, in 1956. They had one daughter, Prudence, before divorcing in 1967. That same year, Murdoch married Scottish journalist Anna Maria Torv, with whom he had three children: Elisabeth, Lachlan, and James. This marriage lasted 32 years, making it Murdoch’s longest. They divorced in 1999.

Murdoch’s third marriage was to Wendi Deng, a Chinese-born entrepreneur and movie producer. They married in 1999, just two weeks after his divorce from Anna Torv. Deng and Murdoch had two daughters, Grace and Chloe, before divorcing in 2016​ . His fourth marriage was to Jerry Hall, a former model and actress, in 2016. Hall, previously the long-term partner of Mick Jagger, and Murdoch divorced in 2022​ .

Murdoch’s engagement history also includes a brief engagement to Ann Lesley Smith in early 2023, which was called off a few weeks later​.

Business Ventures

Rupert Murdoch is a towering figure in the media industry. He inherited his first newspaper at the age of 22 after his father’s death and gradually built a media empire that spans newspapers, television, and film. Murdoch founded News Corporation (News Corp) in 1979, which grew into one of the world’s largest media conglomerates. News Corp’s holdings have included major publications like The Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Sun, as well as the Fox Broadcasting Company and 20th Century Fox.

In 2013, Murdoch split his company into two separate entities: 21st Century Fox, focusing on entertainment assets, and a new News Corp, concentrating on publishing. This restructuring aimed to address the different growth trajectories of the media and entertainment sectors. In 2019, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets, further reshaping Murdoch’s media landscape​ .

Murdoch’s influence extends beyond media into political realms, where his outlets have often shaped public opinion and policy. His business acumen and strategic acquisitions have maintained his relevance and control in an evolving industry.

Relationship with Elena Zhukova

Murdoch and Zhukova were introduced by his third wife, Wendi Deng, at a family gathering. They began dating in the summer of 2023, shortly after Murdoch’s engagement to Ann Lesley Smith was called off​.Their relationship quickly progressed to an engagement, and they are now preparing for their upcoming wedding. Zhukova’s background as a serious scientist and her previous connections through her daughter Dasha, who is friends with Deng, provide a unique context for their union​ .

In conclusion, Rupert Murdoch’s marriage to Elena Zhukova represents another chapter in his eventful personal life, characterized by multiple marriages and significant relationships. Zhukova’s distinguished career and her connections to influential circles add another layer to Murdoch’s storied life. Their upcoming wedding is set to be a significant event, reflecting both Murdoch’s enduring search for companionship and Zhukova’s notable life journey.


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